About Safety Kids - Cyber Safety Should Not Get In The Way of Empowerment

Cyber Safety can often go too far and almost reach an Orwellian state within a household. Whilst we advocate for the safety of children, as a parent, you can go too far in the direction of safety and we hope to educate both children and adults alike and strike the golden balance between protection and empowerment.

Below are some of the key topics we're currently tackling, this list will definitely grow over time as new apps and technology appears.

Cyber Safety

This is the big question that always comes up for parents, and a lot of the time, they just don't know where to start. Our recommendation is always to research and install cyber safety software that comes pre-loaded with ongoing support, a blacklist, and a control panel for you to monitor and update the incoming and outgoing information on your home wifi network and for some software, it will even allow you to control your child's phone, even when they're not at home.

Parental Control

Within cyber safety software, there needs to be some parental controls. Each child is different and may have different quirks or underlying issues that the parents have had to deal with previously. So it's not fair to have a one size fits all software where Snapchat is blocked for everyone just because little Sally has ruined it for everyone. With the right controls, parents can block certain apps just for certain children or apply a general appropriate sites list for their particular age group.

What is Cyberbullying?

Long story short, cyberbullying is just like regular bullying, but online. The damage can be bigger in some cases as insults or photos can be quickly and easily shared creating a localised "viral" effect that can escalate very fast. A lot of the cyber safety lessons can be cross pollinated in other areas, such as teaching your child not to take any risky photos of themselves or others as that same photo can be taken out of context and shared amongst peers to be abused by way of bullying or blackmailing.

How to Stay Safe Online

Staying safe online is critically to long term prosperity on the internet. Staying safe includes things such as not talking to strangers outside of ones network, ensuring if you do meet a new person in real life that you bring a friend (or a group of friends) or preferably an adult. Making sure that your kids don't visit any adult sites or websites which encourage violence or propaganda. The dangers are endless and can be exhausting to think about, property cyber safety education and software is definitely the way to go.

Parental Control on iPhone

Not all cyber safety packages come with this feature and in today's world, this one is probably the most important. There are apps available that can be installed on iPhone's which can give parents that peace of mind. It can lock down selfie photos, block certain apps such as Snapchat or Music.ly, and even enforce a bed time rule so you don't have to wonder if your children are still awake at midnight.